At LinuxCon 2012, Alan Robertson introduces the Assimilation Monitoring Project and discusses why he choose Neo4j for its database.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my talk at LinuxCon in San Diego had been very well received. Thanks to some good friends, we also created a video of the event, and this week I want to point you to the final cut of that video. This talk is a great introduction to the Assimilation Monitoring Project.

Thanks to Robert Holder, the video includes annotations and highlighted versions of my slides. He has rendered this video in 720p so you can see everything in its HD glory, and also in 480p for those with more limited network bandwidth.

This includes an overview of many of the aspects of the project covered here in my blog. Topics covered include:

Project scope - what problems we address
Architectural overview
Why it's incredibly scalable
Continuous integrated stealth discovery
How service monitoring works
Central Authority capabilities
Nanoprobe (agent) capabilities
Why Neo4j?
How discovery works
Sample discovery data
Sample Dependency and switch discovery graphs
Current state, future plans

Updated video: