Developers and Big Data: Thoughts to Consider

Be prepared and be a part of the bigger picture. Get outside the box. Learn Clojure. People need to learn something new to build new architectures and languages. Whatever creative thing you work on outside of work (blogging, writing, making beer) do more of that creative thing to teach your brain to approach problems in a new way. Rewire your brain to think in a new way.

How the Java Ecosystem Has Evolved

The ecosystem has formed over time. It’s become huge. Open source is getting involved particularly under Apache. Much more has become available. It’s a virtuous cycle – as more people use it becomes more commercialized. Success breeds success. The ecosystem is what makes Java. Scala is an interesting language but doesn’t have the ecosystem, the tooling. Business is interested in what things do, not how things are built. Java is easy to maintain while esoteric systems are not as they move in and out of favor.