Neo4j is investing in how its graph database technology can combine with artificial intelligence

Emil Eifrem: I think there are two broad vectors that I want to invest in. The first is the increasing traction in the enterprise space. Over 80 per cent of the Fortune 100 are now using Neo4j. Twenty of the twenty-five biggest banks are using it along with the five biggest telcos. It’s pretty deep in terms of adoption among the largest companies.

There are 200 companies here in Lisbon that we have great use cases for and there’s no reason why a Portuguese bank doesn’t have the same needs as a bank in London, so the need is there.

Obviously, to sell it to a company in Lisbon you want a mobile person, you want sales people, marketing collateral in Portuguese, support people in Portugal, all that good stuff. So, just scaling up operationally to meet that demand, that’s the first vector.

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