Neo4j motivation for GQL Manifesto- GQL be the SQL of Graphs

The world of graph databases has been a tremendous cornucopia of innovation. Now that graphs are becoming a mainstream part of computing infrastructure for all different types of companies, from Silicon Valley leaders to the defense department to your IT department, it’s clearly time for the industry to make sense of itself and create some efficiencies through standardization.

That’s the motivation behind the GQL manifesto, created by Alastair Green, who works on graph query languages at the graph technology company Neo4j

At the heart of this vision is the inherent value in using graphs in the first place. Green points out the intuitive nature of graphs and how they’re already benefiting companies in finding relationships and in building better algorithms. He’s also right to assert that adoption of graphs in all realms of industries and landscapes is increasing fast.

Because of this rapid adoption, Green thinks now is the time for standardization of a language. He makes a comparison to SQL and how the graph world would improve from having a similar declarative language.

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