Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics

Published: 21 January 2019 ID: G00353775

Neo4j, which is based in San Mateo, California, U.S. and Malmö, Sweden, provides a graph platform that includes the Neo4j native graph DBMS, graph analytics, the Cypher graph query language, data integration, and graph visualization and discovery tools. The company offers theopen-source Neo4j Community Edition; Neo4j Desktop, which is free for developers, startups and data scientists; and the paid-for Neo4j Enterprise Edition for production deployments. The company recently released Neo4j Bloom, which provides advanced graph visualization capabilities that enable both experienced and novice users to derive insights from graph processing. It also released Cypher for Apache Spark (CAPS), for deriving and analyzing graphs from Spark data, and has built a library of more than 20 in-database graph algorithms.


■Leader in graph: Neo4j is generally seen to be the leader in graph DBMSs. The company has,arguably, done more than any other vendor to make graph processing easy to use and understand — most recently with Bloom, a graph visualization tool allowing even relative graph neophytes to get started with graph databases.

■Value for money: Neo4j’s scores from its reference customers placed it in the top third of vendors in this Magic Quadrant for value for money. This reflects the somewhat unique nature of graph processing in driving new and innovative ways of analyzing data, compared with more traditional DMSA solutions.

■Service and support: Neo4j’s reference customers scored it highly for the quality of, and experience with, its service and technical support.

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