Neo4j Raises $325 Million in Latest Funding Round to Accelerate Graph Database Technology Innovations

Neo4j, a leader in graph technology, announced it is receiving a $325 million investment as part of a Series F funding round that will allow the company to continue to innovate its graph platform for a variety of use cases.

The company plans to use the investment to accelerate along three primary dimensions:

Cloud portfolio – Delivering a portfolio of multi-cloud services that can serve individual developers all the way through to the largest global enterprises, offering unmatched flexibility, agility, and performance at any scale.

Graph data science – Powering a new era of intelligent applications with enhanced machine learning models to unlock otherwise unattainable predictions based on relationships.

Market reach – Expanding Neo4j’s global footprint, and growing the company’s ecosystem of complementary technologies and expert service providers, in order to deliver complete solutions and accelerate customer success.

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