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Upcoming this February

February 13: Neo4j Tutorial – Silicon Valley February 19: Neo4j Tutorial – München February 20: Neo4j Tutorial – Chicago February 21: Neo4j Tutorial – Frankfurt February 26: Neo4j Tutorial – Washington, D.C. February 28: Neo4j Tutorial – Boston


Upcoming this March

March 4: Neo4j Tutorial – London @ QCon London March 5: Neo4j Tutorial – Paris March 5: Neo4j Tutorial – London March 7: Neo4j Tutorial – Amsterdam March 7: Neo4j Tutorial – San Francisco March 12: Neo4j Tutorial – Berlin March 12: Neo4j Tutorial – Los Angeles March 14: Neo4j Tutorial – Düsseldorf

The Best Tutorial for Neo4j

Our kickoff tutorial in New York City, January 22, with Peter Bell was wildly successful. Attendees’ feedback included:
“Excellent high-level overview that also provided insight into technical details” “Great jump-start to the subject matter” “Real queries, real results shown”
The Neo4j Tutorial tour continues in February with our Neo4j Tutorial – Silicon Valley on Wednesday, Feb. 13 with David Montag. The tour moves to the Midwest with our Neo4j Tutorial – Chicago on Wednesday, Feb. 20 with Max De Marzi. The following week, Max will be presenting at both the Neo4j Tutorial – Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Feb. 26 and Neo4j Tutorial – Boston on Thursday, Feb. 28.

We will also be travelling throughout Europe with seminars in England, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Our first European stop is in Bavaria with our Neo4j Tutorial – München on Tuesday, Feb. 19 with Stefan Armbruster and comSysto. Stefan will also be presenting at the Neo4j Tutorial – Frankfurt on Thursday, Feb. 21 with structur.

The next round of seminars begin in London with Ian Robinson and Jim Webber presenting the Neo4j Tutorial – London at QCon London on Monday, March 4. There is another Neo4j Tutorial – London scheduled for the following day, Tuesday, March 5 with Aleksa Vukotic of OpenCredo.

Next up on the tour, Stefan Armbruster will be presenting at the Neo4j Tutorial – Paris on Tuesday, March 5 with Zenika. He travels to the Netherlands for the Neo4j Tutorial – Amsterdam on Thursday, March 7 with Xebia.

The tour comes back to the US with Andreas Kollegger presenting at the Neo4j Tutorial – San Francisco on Thursday, March 7. Then, it’s off to SoCal with the Neo4j Tutorial – Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 12 with Chris Leishman.

Finally, the Neo4j Tutorial tour ends with two stops in Germany. Michael Hunger will present at the Neo4j Tutorial – Berlin on Tuesday, March 12 followed by Stefan presenting at the Neo4j Tutorial – Düsseldorf on Thursday, March 14 with codecentric AG.

We look forward to seeing you at a stop on our worldwide Neo4j Tutorial tour!