This project is a basic tutorial to discover Neo4J and Cypher. It’s hosted on github. With this project, Florent Empis has built a Movie recommender using the Cypher query language. This query language has a very low barrier to entry if you have a basic theoritical knowledge of graphs. If something like (A)->(B) makes sense to you, then Cypher will as well. Using MovieLens dataset, Florent built a suite of classes to:
  • Digest MovieLens dataset and load it into a Neo4J embedded database
  • Manually add full-text indexing
  • Querying the graph for movie recommendations
Please note that this project does *not* provide very accurate recommendations, but is merely a hands-on guide to Cypher. Improving recommendation should be easy enough though, by adding genre and user specific context in the query, but this is left as an exercise to the reader (or will be added in a future release, who knows 🙂 ) The project is Eclipse and Maven based.