Andrew C. Oliver explores the end of the RDBMS era with the transition into NoSQL which he calls the “NewDB”.
A decline for Oracle over the next 15 years is inevitable. It will be impossible to sustain the RDBMS-only paradigm against all logic as the new wave of databases lumped in under NoSQL and big data takes over. The relational database was created in an era of slow 10MB hard drives and low expectations. NoSQL is the stuff of the Internet age.
Now, in order for NoSQL to succeed, the challenge for NoSQL vendors is standardization.
First, define the query level. Then define the connector standards. … So how about it, Apache Hadoopers? How about it, 10gen? How about it, Neo Technologies? Cloudbase? Go ahead, compete, but let’s also raise the tide for all boats. Well, maybe not the SS Ellison — I’m sure he’ll get by.