On Neo4j Aura Enterprise: Q&A with Ramanan Balakrishnan

ODBMS features Ramanan Balakrishnan, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Neo4j, in a Q&A on the latest Neo4j Aura Enterprise launch.

“Due to the pandemic, we see organizations rapidly adopt the cloud and accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Our customers have continued to push their problem-solving boundaries with graphs. At Neo4j, we continue to double down on making our platform available everywhere and for everyone. We will expand our offerings to be multi-cloud, providing organizations the flexibility to deploy in their cloud platform of choice. We are also very excited about introducing a new free tier of Aura that would allow a user to start, learn, and use graphs almost instantly, with zero friction and zero cost.”

Read the full interview here: https://www.odbms.org/2021/02/on-neo4j-aura-enterprise-qa-with-ramanan-balakrishnan/