David Turanski, Senior Software Engineer, SpringSource, a division of VMware, speaks with ODBMS Industry Watch about the Spring Data Project and reveals its origins with Neo4j.

What is the Spring Data project? David Turanski: The Spring Data project started in 2010, when Rod Johnson (Spring Framework’s inventor), and Emil Eifrem (founder of Neo Technologies) were trying to integrate Spring with the Neo4j graph database. Spring has always provided excellent support for working with RDMBS and ORM frameworks such as Hibernate. However, given the recent explosion of NoSQL data stores, we saw the need for a common data access abstraction to simplify development with NoSQL stores. Hence the Spring Data team was created with the mission to: “…provide a familiar and consistent Spring-based programming model for NoSQL and relational stores while retaining store-specific features and capabilities.” The last bit is significant. It means we don’t take a least common denominator approach. We want to expose a full set of capabilities whether it’s JPA/Hibernate, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, Hadoop, GemFire, etc. Read the full article.