Podcast: Ep. 51: Neo4j CEO on graph databases and the 5 ways to compete against cloud platforms

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Neo4j founder and CEO Emil Eifrem discuss the sustaining value of graph databases, more than a decade since the first release of Neo4j and terms like “social graph” and “knowledge graph” became commonplace. Eifrem also talks about the business of NoSQL and details the 5 factors — focus, pervasiveness, ecosystem, data, vertical integration — he believes can help infrastructure companies compete against similar offerings from large cloud providers.

Before the Eifrem interview, host Derrick Harris speaks with Backblaze founder and CEO Gleb Budman about his company’s new partnerships with Packet and ServerCentral to provide cheap, fast, and decentralized cloud storage and compute resources. You can listen to / read about earlier interviews with Budman and Packet CEO Zachary Smith here:

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