Powered by Neo4j and MongoDB, Gander wants users to read email faster.

…Gander is a client that categorizes and reorganizes incoming email based on what you, the recipient, need to do with it.  Gander has three categories: Respond, Read, and Skim. Respond holds the emails that necessitate further action on your part, Read holds emails that, while germane to your position, do not require any further action. Skim holds the emails you don’t even need to read. […] Much of what goes into this happens behind the scenes, via a combination of machine learning algorithms (dyadic reciprocity andNaïve Bayesian classifiers), social graphing (neo4j and Gephi), plain ol’ regular expressions, and a distributed database built to store massive amounts of unstructured text (MongoDB).
Gander is developed by Riparian, a Boston-based company. Read the full article.