The Anatomy of Reltio

Reltio does something that few companies have done as an enterprise software product: create an application development platform that exploits the power of graph technology. Neo Technology‘s Neo4J graph database has shown the power of graphs as a component for powerful applications. Teradata TDC -3.85%’s Connection Analytics platform is able to rapidly assemble graphs that can then be subject to powerful analytics.

Reltio’s first insight is that graphs are most powerful when they reveal new relationships that spring from a combined, curated set of data. As it happens, a body of practices for combining and curating data has developed over the last quarter century as part of the implementation of data warehouses. That body of practices is called Master Data Management (MDM). Reltio realized that to make powerful graph applications, you always start with MDM, and so the foundation of Reltio is an MDM engine.