SD Times has a new article out today on Big Data just getting Bigger. “Graph databases are appearing as an alternative to Hadoop and other data stores for Big Data. Neo Technology’s [CEO Emil] Eifrém said that his company’s flagship graph database offers significant insights and real-time data mining for enterprises, something that can’t be done on a slower Hadoop cluster.”
“We see this huge trend toward real-time data,” he said. “One example is retail. There are a bunch of people using graph databases in retail because they want to know buying patterns and predict buying behaviors of customers while they’re in the store. Someone coming in and buying a bunch of beer and a bunch of diapers is a pattern, and if you can figure out the demographics of someone while they’re in the store, that’s when you can really target discounts and rebates and promotions. If you figure this out a day later, that’s kind of interesting, but it’s much more valuable to get that within minutes, while they’re in the store. There’s value in low-latency response time.”
Real the whole article here.  


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It is amazing how poufrewl neo4j could be, if it used a more license. I thoroughly understand that you guys need to make money and the AGPL makes sense for that.But I cannot tell you what a turnoff it is that it is even impossible to use neo4j in a competely non-profit hobby project. I d gladly try to convince my manager to invest in neo4j if only I could get my hands dirty with it in a small project. But all this agpl-license, limit of nodes FUD, etc just gets me in a “meh whatever”-mood.

Graph Database News Editor

Neo4j Community Edition is GPL licensed.