Last week  50 graph database enthusiasts showed up for the SF Graph Database meetup, sponsored by GraphConnect and QCon SF. QCon and GraphConnect provided a small keg of local beer, pizza and a pair of free tickets to both conferences. Three locals presented their projects to the group: Mathieu Bastian, Data Scientist at LinkedIn and co-founder of Gephi, presented common graph database use cases and graph visualizations. Alexander Smirnoff, from Kaiser Permanente dove into his side project, the Neo4j JCA connector, and his start-up Netoprise that combines your social graphs into one simple hub. This talk was followed up by Corey Farwell, an undergrad at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, who demonstrated is RIAARadar app, built on the Neo4j graph database, that easily points you to which musical artists are affiliated with the RIAA.
Jason McVetta, consultant at Harvard Medical School, won free passes to GraphConnect during this meetup.