, a social network and business collaboration platform, is powered by Neo4j. CEO James Borow said emerged from the GraphEffect team’s frustrating experiences trying to collaborate with other organizations, something that was “amplified by the struggles we saw on the marketing agency side.” (After all, there are usually multiple companies working together on an ad campaign.) At the same time, he argued that shouldn’t just be useful for marketers, but instead serve as a much broader platform for business collaboration. Borow said that the main problem with existing collaboration tools is the absence of a “persistent ID”, meaning that your activity and identity are isolated within each of the applications that you use. Naturally, Borow is trying to provide that persistent identity through, which he describes as LinkedIn, except with people actually working together on projects, rather than just networking. Borow and his team gave me a quick demo, and a lot of the elements will be familiar to anyone who has used other enterprise social networking tools. You’ve got a profile, and you can connect with other users, send messages, and join teams. It’s not just limited to your company — you can connect with users outside your organization, and create teams with them too. Your identity should stay with you even when you change jobs, but presumably, when that happens you’ll be removed from a bunch of teams and added to some new ones. Read the full article.