Speed and functionality are at the heart of a surprisingly simple Graph Data Platform management system

Dr. Jim Webber had just returned home from dropping his child at school when he found that a rear window had been smashed and that a startled burglar had fled back through it. Fortunately, a neighbour was able to jot down the thief’s number plate as he was speeding off and it was reported to the UK police.

The authorities are able to make use of a POLE (people-object-location-event) database in responding to such crimes. Dr Webber happens to be the chief scientist for the Graph Data Platform management company Neo4j used widely in government and law enforcement. “I believe the police response was partly guided by my software to track the criminals on the A3 road heading into London. They were able to apprehend the gang and return the stuff they had stolen from me and others.”

This is one of Dr Webber’s favourite stories to tell when asked about the functionality of graph data. It’s both personal and social.

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