Problem-solvers like technology consultants often use a metaphor of a problem having a distinctive ‘signature’. What if there was a technology that was really good at letting you write down such ‘signatures’?

Network elements are noisy, they fail and give out alarms, while monitoring and forensic tasks require both synchronous and asynchronous event recording and root cause analysts. But fixing these issues is often manual, there can be a lot of both physical and abstract structures and it can be hard to visualise, let alone trace, what’s going wrong. That’s why network engineers often find themselves wading through history to solve the problem, or fighting a kind of ‘unfolding present’.

But using Graph – in this case, Neo4J , he says, automated root cause analysis tools can start to become possible, as one of its properties is to compute the number of things connected to the thing we’re interested in – so giving the observer the right number of distinct elements, with that work getting done in linear time, too.

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