Plugins and unmanaged extensions can add powerful capabilities to Neo4j. Max De Marzi, Neo Technology Senior Consultant/Graph Enthusiast, gives a great overview and how to get them.

One of the great things about Neo4j is how easy it is to extend it. You can extend Neo4j with Plugins and Unmanaged Extensions. Two great examples of plugins are the Gremlin Plugin (which lets you use the Gremlin library with Neo4j) and theSpatial Plugin (which lets you perform spatial operations like searching for data within specified regions or within a specified distance of a point of interest). Plugins are meant to extend the capabilities of the database, nodes, or relationships. Unmanaged extensions are meant to let you do anything you want. This great power comes with great responsibility, so be careful what you do here. David Montagcooked up an unmanaged extension template for us to use on github so lets give it a whirl. We are going to clone the project, compile it, download Neo4j, configure Neo4j to use the extension, test the extension and tweak it a bit.
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