The impact of instability on the manufacturing supply chain

Over the past two years, disruption to global supply chains has been constant. COVID-19, various conflicts, and economic sanctions are affecting production capacity and logistics routes, creating even more unpredictability in supply chains. Food supply chains, for instance, have become increasingly globalised. The more complex a supply chain is, the more vulnerable it is.

Visibility into all tiers of the supply chain is key. Manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies also need a more agile way of dealing with the vast amount of intertwined data and regulations involved with delivering items globally while maintaining sustainability and social responsibility standards. Achieving visibility is one challenge. Making sense of the data and getting actionable business insights is another.

Graph database technology’s inherent ability to record complex data interdependencies offers a highly scalable way to manage vast volumes of serial numbers, supplier and facility details, certifications, and documents. Graph technology records and joins the dots between complex data interdependencies.

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