The Role of Knowledge Graphs in Cloud Data Integration

In an era when 75 percent of business executives don’t have a high-level trust in their data, and 70 percent don’t consider their data architecture “world class,” solving challenges around data integration in the cloud is of utmost priority. You need to manage the data correctly and make sense of impossible volumes of information emitted by disparate and seemingly unrelated systems. Even if you’ve discovered and migrated to a cloud data integration platform that works for your industry and the types of data you’re currently collecting, you’re often not able to extract the information they need without additional development efforts.

Enter cloud-based knowledge graphs (KGs), which have the potential to simplify how organizations ask difficult questions of their integrated data—think fraud detection, large-scale text analysis, cybersecurity prevention, and finding the “unknown unknowns” in your data—without adding undue technical complexity to your stack.

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