Telecoms is highly multi-faceted business, with carriers, telecom equipment vendors and service providers all striving to constantly innovate and offer different competitive solutions to deliver what they need to deal with ever-rising solution complexity and high customer demand.

It’s also an industry with a very wide variety of technology applications — from building out and maintaining great networks, to numerous customer-facing billing and support back office systems. Very much part of the mix now are Smart Homes, Smart Cities and planning for large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) projects, too.

Telecoms do not rely on a single technology to manage these different areas. But notably, one form of software is present across the telecoms ecosystem, and being used to support everything from network-facing activities (OSS), unified network inventory, planning, traffic engineering and traffic intelligence, performance analytics, detecting fraud and customer journey analytics to try and prevent ‘churn’ to personalisation apps.

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