Time to haul DBaaS: Neo4j joins the fully managed club as doubts linger about its cloudiness

Graph database swashbuckler Neo4j has joined a throng of NoSQL vendors in selling its technology core as a fully managed cloud database.

While the move is seen as a necessary move to ease support loads, experts have questioned whether Neo4J is a strong architectural fit for the cloud era. Neo4j said its Aura Enterprise DBaaS would allow organisation to build graph-powered applications without worrying about infrastructure or maintenance.

Early adopters include Levi Strauss & Co, social media marketing firm Adeo and credit reference agency Dun & Bradstreet, which spoke to The Register earlier last year to describe how it uses the graph database to untangle complex networks of company ownership. The system is initially available only on Google Cloud Platform, as the DBaaS uses Kubernetes as an orchestration framework, with rollouts on AWS and Azure expected to follow later this year.

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