Woozworld is a fast growing, kid-safe 2.0 virtual world for tweens (9-14 years old) that allows kids to socialize online, and leverage their natural creativity in a virtual world. Founded in 2010, Woozworld Inc. is the child of a recent spin-off of Tribal Nova Inc., a development studio based in Montreal known as a leader in virtual world development and online gaming services for youth. Acting as both a virtual world and a social network, Woozworld.com creates interactive and participative experiences by providing the opportunity for the users to invent their own world in which they define their own characters, interact, conduct virtual business, make plans and organize activities, and, so to speak, generate all that occurs in this limitless universe. All personal information is protected, and Woozworld strictly adheres to American laws on the protection of children’s privacy on the Internet (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.) When rolling out their new social feature, Woozworld looked to Neo4j to scale with their growing number of users (around 6.5 million users). Using a Google+ approach to their community, a graph database was the most appropriate choice to meet their large community base and number of real-time conversations. Graph databases are an intuitive choice for a social industry like gaming. Want to take a deep dive into another gaming company using Neo4j? Download our Gamesys case study.