Unlocking the Power of Graph Technologies: Dr. Jim Webber Reveals the Advantages, Trends, and Successes

In this video, Dr. Jim Webber, Chief Scientist at Neo4j, sits down for an interview with CXO TV to discuss the advantages of graph technologies over traditional technologies. Dr. Webber begins by explaining that traditional relational technologies are based on branches of mathematics such as predicate logic and set theory.

While these technologies are effective for workloads that involve sets of things, they start to slow down when multiple sets are joined together. This is because relational databases build up large sets of information and then filter through them to find the desired answers. As a result, performance can be affected when working with large data sets.

Watch the video: https://cxotv.techplusmedia.com/interviews/unlocking-the-power-of-graph-technologies-dr-jim-webber-reveals-the-advantages-trends-and-successes/