Neo Technology has added three key features in order to simplify use and make it easier for programmers to use Neo4j2.0:

  1. In order to speed development, Neo4j 2.0 introduces a new schema construct –  labels – enabling developers to tell the database more about the data.
  2. Neo4j 2.0 adds new capability to Cypher, Neo4j’s purpose-built declarative graph query language, making it easier to develop graph applications with less code.
  3. A new interactive query environment enables rapid prototyping of Cypher queries and visual data discovery.
“According to the company, the new version of the database, coupled with the free, interactive online course focused on graph databases, will enable graph technology to move into wider use. “We think that this release of Neo4j 2.0 is going to catapult graph in the mainstream,” Eifrem said. Read the full article.