Peter Neubauer, Developer Evangelist at Neo Technology, and Corey Lanum, US Manager at Cambridge Intelligence, discuss graph visualization using Neo4j and KeyLines

  Webinar: Visualizing the Neo4j Graph Database Moving towards a graph approach to your data requires two key software components – a fast and reliable way of storing & traversing graph data at scale, and a compelling visual interface that allows users to understand the graph structures in your data. During this fast-moving and interactive session, you will learn more about graph databases and how to visualize them. Peter will introduce the topic of graph databases and explain some of the real-world data problems Neo4j can solve. Corey will then explain why you should visualize your Neo4j database, and how the KeyLines toolkit can get you started. By the end of the webinar, you should have a good idea of how to build a powerful, professional and scalable full stack application for your graphs. Speakers: Peter Neubauer, Developer Evangelist, Neo Technology Peter NeubauerPeter originally dreamed up the idea of a persistence engine based on networks in 2000 and subsequently worked with Emil and Johan to draft what was to become the world’s leading graph database. After a short stint holding different positions in other companies as Software Manager for Java Development, Software Architecture, Agile Development and Mobile Systems, Peter returned to Neo and is working on developing the Neo4j community. Corey Lanum, US Manager, Cambridge Intelligence Corey LanumCorey has managed the technical and business relationships with dozens of the largest defense and intelligence agencies in North America, in addition to working with many security and anti-fraud organizations in private industry. With 14 years of data visualization and data analytics experience, Corey has a diverse background working on big data initiatives and implementing proven solutions that provide customers with key insights into their data.