Neo Technology CEO: What is Graph Database by Adrian Bridgewater 

Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j,  states, “Graph databases are part of this movement. Focusing on the relationships between data-points, rather than on the values themselves, graphs are perfect for those big, messy and connected data sets. This is something that SQL databases simply can’t do – at least without spending significant effort creating complicated join tables.

With the graph you can ask complex and abstract questions that look beyond the first data connection.

They can uncover patterns that are difficult to detect using traditional representations such as tables. It may be a social graph; it may be going from point A to point B; or it may be product recommendations, where you want to know what else was bought by the people who bought similar things to you.

Importantly, understanding the connections between data, and the meaning of these links, doesn’t need new data. You can pull new insights existing data, simply by reframing the problem and looking at it in a graph.”

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