Graph Databases are in the Spotlight

“The other force bringing attention to graph databases is competitive pressure, he believes. “Graphs,” says Eifrem, “are eating the world.” There’s a reason for that, which is that products that use relationships and connections in data typically can drive a more nuanced view of the world, and that can lead to better value for the business and its customers.

Neo Technology has seen that occur for its own customers, including in the online dating realm where social connections play a role. While other matchup sites using relational database technology might be able to look out a couple of hops in the social graph to make a potential love connection, a graph database can look dozens of hops out to recommend the best potential partners. All things otherwise being equal, he says, the site that provides the best matching algorithms that can leverage all those connective data tissues wins.”

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“SitePoint PHP Blog: Adding Social Network Features to a PHP App with Neo4j” by Chris Cornut

Author Christophe Willemsen dives right back into the code showing how to get the basic application up and running (using Silex, Twig, Bootstrap and the NeoClient). He loads the PHP libraries up via Composer and injects the NeoClient instance into the application. He includes the view and controller handling for each of the pages:
  • a main all user list
  • showing who a user follows
  • listing suggested users (who to follow)
  • adding a relationship
Screenshots are also included to show the example output along with all the code you’ll need.

“SitePoint PHP Blog: Discover Graph Databases with Neo4j and PHP” by Chris Cornut

In this post, we’ll be learning about Neo4j, the leading graph database, and ways to use it with PHP. In a followup post, we’ll be building a proper graph application powered by Silex. […] For the newcomers, here is a short introduction to graph databases and Neo4j, apart from the theoretical glance we threw at it last year.