Neo4j and GraphStory

 Easy Geocoding For Your Graph” by Keith Liles

At Graph Story we’re all about making the lives of developers easier, because we’re developers too. To that end, we’re announcing our newest feature to do just that: a geocoding service for your graph database. This allows Graph Story customers to efficiently geocode addresses and store them in their graph, without using a third-party service.

The service is exposed as an additional endpoint in the Neo4j HTTP API. The developer will make a POST request against that endpoint that sends the address information as JSON in the body. The service will geocode the address, create an :Address node in the Neo4j DB, and return the node data.

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“Graph Story – Grow Your Business On A Graph Database (Leaving The Work To Someone Else)” by Ed Finkler

For those in the know, this future of tech powered by graph databases has been around for some time. Big brands such as Accenture, Adobe, eBay, HP, T-Mobile, and Wal-Mart, to name but a few, already rely on graph databases. For those on the outside wanting in, or for developers looking to have their lives made easier, there’s no better place to become more acquainted with graph databases than Graph Story.

Graph Story “provides easy-to-use, secure, scalable, enterprise-ready Graph Database-as-a Services (DBaaS) based on Neo4j.” Neo4j being the most popular open-source graph database available on Java.

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