Nov 9

IT Pros Talk Top Enterprise NoSQL Architecture Challenges

In addition, the wide variety of NoSQL databases available in several distinct product categories — MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase Server, Neo4j, MarkLogic, Riak, Redis and many more — can make it hard to pick one and move ahead with a deployment. For some NoSQL adepts, the answer is using multiple databases to solve multiple problems, which can turn setting up and supporting NoSQL architecture into a multi-headed challenge.

Nov 10

How Has Big Data Changed Your Life?

There is alignment with regards to what Big Data is, how it can be used, and its future. Discrepancy lies in the perception of the state of Big Data today. Some companies have been working with Big Data for years, others feel unable to perform “real” analytics work due to the data hygiene required, as well as the necessary integration of disparate databases.

Graph Databases in the Enterprise: Graph-based Search

The key to this enhanced search capability is that on the very first query, a graph-based search engine takes into account the entire structure of available connected data. And because graph systems understand how data is related, they return much richer and more precise results.

Creating a Graph Application with Python, Neo4j, Gephi, and Linkurious.js

Here at Packt, I use a Neo4j graph to store and analyse data about our business. Using the Cypher query language, it’s easy to express complicated relations between different nodes succinctly.It’s not just the technical aspect of graphs which make them appealing to work with. Seeing the connections between bits of data visualised explicitly as in a graph helps you to see the data in a different light, and make connections that you might not have spotted otherwise.

Nov 11

Developers and Big Data: Thoughts to Consider

Big Data can make such an impact on the public sector to improve lives and improve the sustainability of communities. What should we be telling and educating public sector entities about that will build a good foundation to improve people’s lives? Keep a professional mindset. Do no harm. We are shepherds of a public asset, put it to good use.

How the Java Ecosystem Has Evolved

The ecosystem has formed over time. It’s become huge. Open source is getting involved particularly under Apache. Much more has become available. It’s a virtuous cycle – as more people use it becomes more commercialized. Success breeds success. The ecosystem is what makes Java. Scala is an interesting language but doesn’t have the ecosystem, the tooling. Business is interested in what things do, not how things are built. Java is easy to maintain while esoteric systems are not as they move in and out of favor.

Nov 12

Reltio: How Graphs and NoSQL Power Advanced Data-Driven Apps

One way is to buy fully formed products and configure them to meet your needs. This is what most companies do outside of Silicon Valley and the pockets of industries where rapid and continuous innovation is the key to success. Another way is to use components to create custom solutions. This is the approach that is taken by the industry leaders who seek to disrupt. You can’t just buy that disruptive app off the shelf, now, can you?

Who Are the Most Important Plays in Enterprise Integration?

The most important players in enterprise integration are clearly IBM and Oracle, as these two firms were mentioned more than twice as frequently as any other company. Both are recognized for their robust messaging middleware. MuleSoft was also mentioned as a major contributor to the open source middleware space along with WSO2. Tibco was the only other company mentioned more than once. Other companies mentioned were Metadata, SAP, Microsoft, Snaplogic, HP, Dell, AWS, EMC, and NetApp. Other than IBM and Oracle, enterprise integration providers are very fragmented and the market is very competitive.