October 21

Neo4j 2.3 is Now Out

On top of new features in the latest release of the graph database, Neo4j is being tuned for IBM hardware while Neo’s query language Cypher gets its own open-source project. There is also better Cypher performance through improvements to the query planner, according to Neo. By eliminating Java virtual machine-based object cache, release 2.3 is designed to offer higher concurrent performance at scale.

Neo Technology Announces Neo4j 2.3

Graph database leader Neo Technology today announced the availability of Neo4j 2.3, a partnership with IBM as well as the open sourcing of Cypher, its query language for graphs. Neo4j 2.3 features enhanced abilities to create massive graphs for rapidly scaling, intelligent applications that automate the application of business rules to real-time updates to data from disparate sources.

Neo4j 2.3 is Out Now

On top of new features in the latest release of the graph database, Neo4j is being tuned for IBM hardware while Neo’s query language Cypher gets its own open-source project.

Neo Technology Prepares to Take on All Corners in Graph Databases

Neo Technology, the makers of the Neo4j graph database, may not be a household name, but you very likely access graph database technology on daily basis, whether you know it or not — and it’s a market that growing by leaps and bounds and getting the attention of some of the biggest names in the business.

Neo4j Touts 10x Performance Boost of Graphs on IBM’s Power FPGA’s

Neo Technology today announced that it’s working with IBM to support its graph database on IBM Power8-based servers equipped with field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). This will enable customers to run graph databases with hundreds of billions to trillions of edges, thereby tackling a new class of intractable big data problems in bioinformatics, fraud detection, and IoT analytics. In other news, Neo also open sourced a key piece of software.

Neo4j Graph’s Query Language Launches Under Standalone Open Source License

Neo Technology Inc. made a lot of new friends in the open-source ecosystem this morning after releasing the query language powering its hugely popular graph store under an open-source license. The move officially clears the way for other vendors to implement the syntax in their own systems.

Neo4j On IBM Power8

Neo4j on POWER8 offers 56 TB of extended memory, drastically increasing the size at which real-time graph queries are possible.

Neo4j on IBM POWER8 is the result of a joint effort between Neo4j and IBM engineering to provide the world’s most scalable graph database platform capable of storing and processing graphs of extremely large size all in-memory – shattering all previous real-time scalability limits.

October 22

Neo4j 2.3 Enhanced Enterprise Applications at Scale

Neo4j 2.3 concludes a 2-year journey that started with Neo4j 2.1, to move the graph cache fully off of the JVM heap. Neo4j 2.2 was a major step along the way, introducing a new in-memory page cache that now (in 2.3) fully replaces the object cache.

October 23

Introducing openCypher Project

Neo Technology is launching a new open-source project to make the graph query language Cypher available to the masses. The project, openCypher, will provide a Cypher language specification, a reference implementation, a technology compatibility kit for vendors, and reference documentation for Cypher releases.



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