October 26

Neo4j openCypher, its Common Graph Query Language

Co-founder of Neo4j Emil Eifrem has introduced the Oracle-backed openCypher Project – an open source enterprise that aims to provide a common graph query language for any data store, tooling or application provider to query graph data.

What You Missed in Big Data: The Language of Analytics

The ability to clearly articulate business goals is as important when interacting with databases as it is for interacting with colleagues, except often considerably more difficult. The issue returned to the center of attention last week when Neo Technology Inc. released the specification for the query language powering its widely-used graph store under an open-source license.

Meet openCypher: The SQL for Graphs

The openCypher project makes Cypher available to everyone – every data store, every tooling provider, every application developer. It promises to be just as instrumental in the growth of graph processing and analysis as SQL was in accelerating the adoption of RDBMS.

October 29

Neo4j 2.3 Supports In-Memory Page Cache, Docker Tools and IBM POWER8 Integration

Latest version of Graph NoSQL database Neo4j supports in-memory page cache, Docker tools, enhanced query planner and IBM POWER8 integration. Neo4j team announced last week at GraphConnect Conference, the release of version 2.3 which also supports query development with graph and text string search.