October 19

Building a Social Network with Scala & Neo4j

Neo4j is a great database for building social services and Scala is a programming language that’s become popular for doing high performance concurrency servers.

Amazon’s X1 Packs Up to 2TB of Memory

“On the high end, many of our enterprise customers are clamoring for instances that have very large amounts of memory,” Barr explained in a recent blog post. “They want to run SAP HANA and other in-memory databases, generate analytics in real time, process giant graphs using Neo4j or Titan, or create enormous caches.”

October 20

Using Graph Technology to Fight Cancer

The team then entered all of the information from the 20 different databases into a single Neo4j graph database, refining/standardizing the information and evolving the relationships between the data sets as they went. After several months, they had built a comprehensive, uniformed database and could connect all of the different treatment options with specific patient biomarkers, producing a ranked list of treatments for each based on its effectiveness (drawn from the empirical data). The result is a fast, efficient way to pinpoint the best course of action for an individual based on their unique patient characteristics, reducing the need for trial and error, and saving precious time in the fight against the disease.

October 22

The Most Important Elements of Enterprise Integration

The top four: 1) data accessibility; 2) API integration; 3) focus on simplicity; and, 4) a secure, stable, reliable integration platform.

Real World Problems Solved by Enterprise Integration

Legacy data solving business problems and using data to improve the customer and the employee experience.

October 23

The Future of Enterprise Integration

APIs and the Cloud democratize data

Working on Enterprise Integration Project?

The key advice for developers is to keep enterprise integration as simple as possible. Don’t “boil the ocean.” Focus on solving the business problem.

11 Concerns with Java Ecosystem

Check out the top 11 concerns with the Java ecosystem, including Android, Oracle, and challenges.