Where to Expect Enterprise AI Growth in 2021: More Predictions from Our AI Experts

So many industry predictions for how AI use in business will change and grow in 2021 have come into EnterpriseAI that they didn’t have room to share them all in their first predictions story on Feb. 1.

Now they are expanding that bounty of AI predictions riches with a second installment of 2021 predictions from AI experts across industries, verticals, and the world of IT.

Included are a wide range of opinions and insights from IT executives, leaders, experts, and AI users in the field of AI, on everything from the AI marketplace to coming innovations over the next year. Don’t forget to read the earlier predictions roundup as well to get the full flavor of where AI could be heading in 2021.

Read more: https://www.enterpriseai.news/2021/02/10/where-to-expect-enterprise-ai-growth-in-2021-more-predictions-from-our-ai-experts/