Prediction 1: The Graph Technology Space Will Heat Up

While graphing as a concept has been used since the 1700s, Eifrem thinks graph analytics is only now “on the cusp of going mainstream.” “We’ve seen adoption amongst not just early adopter Silicon Valley-esque web companies,” he said, “but the Walmarts, the USBs, and the AT&Ts of the world as well.” Eifrem thinks this presages companies going “all in” on graphs in 2016. With these major players looking to graph analytics, Eifrem anticipates significantly more vendors, large and small, entering the space, including major businesses like Oracle, IBM, HP, Amazon, and Microsoft. But that doesn’t mean that the small start-ups will be left behind. He anticipates at least one startup raising significant funding (in the $10 million plus range) in the coming year.

Eifrem sees evidence for this growth projection in the increasing understanding of the use cases of graphs. “When you talk to people in fraud detection now, they know about link analysis and the fact that graph databases are really good for that. A year ago, exactly zero did,” Eifrem said. “It’s spreading.” Other uses cases are proving the worth of graph analytics as well, from identity and access management, to finance and IT operations.

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