A reader modifies examples out of the graph databases book

The examples in the ‘Graph Databases’ book don’t work out of the box. I’ve modified them, so that they do work (for chapter 3, that is). I downloaded the ‘Graph Databases’ book from https://graphdatabases.com/, and even got a printed version for free at a neo4j meetup on tuesday. I like neo4j, and the book, and I am really grateful for both. The book says, on page 27, it uses cypher in the 2.0 version. Great. I’m using neo4j-community-2.0.0-M03 anyhow, because I need to use the transactional http endpoint. That exists in 2.0 only, and only speaks cypher. The problem: the examples (starting from page 44) don’t work. You can use the create statement from page 44, but when you try to use the reading request from page 47. Check out the Full Information Here.