Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit

Technical Experts Presenting. Graphistas and Aspiring Graphistas Gathering.


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Keynote, featuring CEO Emil Eifrem, starts at:
  • 8am NYC
  • 1pm London
  • 530pm Bangalore


Neo4j Community gathered together around the world to watch a keynote from Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-creator of Neo4j, and then 20+ technical sessions delivered by Neo4j engineers and community members. We’ll be using the interactive Crowdcast platform and will bring in participants from around the world for Q&A and panels.


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Preliminary Talks

Keynote and Announcements
Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-Creator of Neo4j
Graphs in AI and ML
Alicia Frame, Senior Data Scientist, Neo4j
Jake Graham, Lead Product Manager for AI and Graph Analytics, Neo4j
Intro to Neo4j for Developers
Jennifer Reif, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j
Neo4j Bolt Driver Architecture Now and in The Future
Nigel Small, Tech Lead for Neo4j Drivers team
GRANDstack: Graphs ALL the Way Down
William Lyon, Software Engineer, Neo4j Labs
All-new SDN-RX: Reactive Spring Data Neo4j
Gerrit Meier, Software Engineer, Neo4j
Graph Algorithms for Community Detection & Recommendations
Amy Hodler & Mark Needham, Neo4j, Authors of O’Reilly’s Graph Algorithms
Graph Embeddings
Alicia Frame, Senior Data Scientist, Neo4j
Graph Data Modeling Tips & Tricks
Max De Marzi, Field Engineer & Graph Expert, Neo4j
APOC Pearls: The Best Tips & Tricks
Michael Hunger, Director of Neo4j Labs
Creating a Data Marvel (Comics) with Spring & Neo4j
Jennifer Reif, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j
Building Spatial Search Algorithms for Neo4j
Craig Taverner, Software Engineer, Neo4j
Monitoring Neo4j Servers and Clusters
David Allen, Partner Solution Architect at Neo4j
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