Introducing Neo4j Aura Enterprise: The Cloud Graph Database Chosen by Leading Brands

Boston Scientific, Dun & Bradstreet, PwC and More Rapidly Adopt Aura for Mission-Critical Applications

SAN MATEO, Calif. – January 27th, 2021Neo4j®, the leader in graph technology, announced today the general availability of Neo4j Aura™ Enterprise, Neo4j’s fully managed cloud database for organizations building indispensable, high-performance graph applications.

Aura Enterprise radically speeds time to value, enabling customers to get to production faster than the equivalent on-premises option. Organizations can now focus entirely on building performant, graph-powered applications quickly, without worrying about infrastructure or maintenance.

New and existing customers are adopting Neo4j Aura Enterprise across a wide variety of use cases to simplify the management and maintenance of their graph-powered applications.

New and existing customers are adopting Neo4j Aura Enterprise across a wide variety of use cases to simplify the management and maintenance of their graph-powered applications.

Neo4j Aura Enterprise is the most deployed and trusted graph technology platform, explicitly engineered for cloud-native enterprise projects. Aura Enterprise meets organizations’ exacting requirements for securing massive, highly connected datasets at a granular level without compromising performance. This is proven by early adopters in banking, government and healthcare.

Early demand has been strong, with organizations including Levi Strauss & Co., Adeo and The Orchard choosing Aura for friction-free graph database deployment. Even customers who are new to graph technology have ramped quickly to solve their most complex data and analytics problems. 

Customers use Aura Enterprise for digital transformation, supply chain management, recommendation engines, fraud detection, knowledge graphs, regulatory compliance applications and more.

Dun & Bradstreet: Using Aura Enterprise to fight money laundering and other financial crimes

Dun & Bradstreet provides commercial data, analytics and insights for businesses spanning various sizes and sectors internationally. Matthew Voss, Identity Insights Leader at Dun & Bradstreet, explained how his team leverages Neo4j Aura Enterprise to support their business strategies.

“We use Neo4j to support our identity insights business, including linked and matched data,” said Voss. “Neo4j helps us to answer questions that span connected data in real-time, including Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) information. Neo4j Aura Enterprise aligns well with Dun & Bradstreet’s cloud strategy and helps us to deliver the deep knowledge our clients need to take intelligent actions based on timely compliance decisions.”

Boston Scientific: Business agility across complex supply chains with Neo4j Aura Enterprise

Boston Scientific is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical devices and solutions for patients, doctors and hospitals around the world. Dedicated to ensuring the highest quality assurance levels, Eric Wespi, Data Scientist at Boston Scientific, turned to Neo4j Aura Enterprise to help map the intricate data across their many complex supply chains and processes.

“We’ve used Neo4j to track and analyze our manufacturing data for several years,” said Wespi. “The schema flexibility and analytical capabilities of Neo4j allow us to see relationships between manufacturing batches that simply would not be possible with other tools. Deploying this project on Neo4j Aura Enterprise allows us to optimize our models and focus on quality control analytics, knowing that the management of our graph database is under control."

PwC: Powering next-generation financial fraud detection solutions using Neo4j Aura Enterprise

Ivan Zasarsky, Partner, Financial Crime Practice Leader at PwC Canada and Global Financial Crime Team Member, has over 25 years of resident and global experience in leading surveillance and monitoring program transformation and operation. He explained why Neo4j Aura Enterprise was chosen to support the next-gen of fraud detection and anti-money laundering use cases.

 “Our clients expect cloud deployment options to solve their most pressing data and analytics problems, making Neo4j Aura Enterprise an important choice,” Zasarsky said. “With Aura, we are able to drive our fraud and anti-money laundering detection strategy, enabling our team to focus on rapid prototyping of connected data for each unique use case, as opposed to spending time on administrative tasks. At PwC, we prioritize the unique needs of our clients, including the largest national and global banks. Aura lives up to the assurance, trust and security demanded by highly regulated sectors.”  

Graphs in the Cloud

In December, Gartner published Understanding When Graph Technologies Are Best for Your Business Use Case*. 

The report states, “Because of greater accessibility of graph-based tools and cloud computing, finding relationships in data using graph algorithms and techniques is now possible at scale. It is forming the foundation of many modern data and analytics capabilities.” 

The report goes on to add, “Analytics can be applied on basic graph structures that generally represent one type of entity or on top of knowledge graphs where multiple entities and relationships are represented. Graph is also a critical enabler of natural language processing and data fabrics and can enrich and accelerate data preparation and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).”

*Gartner, “Understanding When Graph Technologies Are Best for Your Business Use Case”, Jim Hare, et al., 2 December 2020.

More about Neo4j Aura Enterprise

Aura Enterprise meets the enterprise-scale requirements of global, mission-critical applications. It builds on the simplicity of Aura Professional to provide:

  • Performance at Scale: Management of large datasets with billions of nodes and relationships for lightning-fast query performance with an optimized cloud database. 

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: End-to-end encryption, built-in VPC isolation plus role-based and node-level access control to secure massive graph datasets.

  • Predictable Pricing: Transparent, simple consumption-based pricing, coupled with on-demand scale for maximum cost savings.

  • Reliability for Mission-Critical Applications: ACID compliant, self-healing architecture delivering a guaranteed 99.95% service uptime. Upgrades and patches applied without downtime.

  • 24×7 Support: Premium support with one-hour SEV-1 response with access to the largest graph practitioner community, ensuring users have everything they need for their next game-changing application.

For More Information

Learn more about Neo4j Aura Enterprise in this blog post, or attend the Connections: Neo4j in the Cloud digital event on February 24.


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