Neo4j Delivers First and Only Integrated Graph Database Service on Google Cloud Platform

Neo4j Aura for GCP Enables Rapid Development of High-Performance, Graph-Powered Applications in the Cloud

SAN MATEO, Calif. – August 19th, 2020Neo4j®, the leader in graph technology, announced that Neo4j Aura for Google Cloud Platform is now available as a fully integrated graph database service on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud-native and built specifically for data relationships, Neo4j Aura™ is the simplest way to deploy, manage and scale a graph database. Since its launch, Neo4j Aura customers have built over one thousand powerful applications, executing billions of complex queries each month. 

Today’s release introduces Neo4j Aura Professional as a tightly integrated graph database service via the Google Cloud Marketplace. As a self-service solution, Neo4j Aura Professional is designed for small and medium businesses to build, deploy, and manage graph-enabled applications rapidly. Developers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can now expect:

  • Graph database management on autopilot: Launch Neo4j Aura in minutes right from the Google Cloud Console for a seamless, native experience. Stay current with automatic updates, scale on-demand with a few clicks, while avoiding downtime or maintenance windows.

  • Unified billing: Get a single bill for all your Google services and Neo4j Aura usage for easy spend management. Use your GCP billing arrangement and apply spending commitments towards Neo4j Aura. 

  • Faster, graph-powered innovation: Benefit from a native graph architecture, flexible data model and Cypher – the simple, de facto graph query language. Deliver lightning-fast performance with compact, elegant code for even the most complex queries.

  • Robust security and reliability: Architected from the ground up for graph data in the cloud, Neo4j Aura is highly available with a self-healing infrastructure and automated backups. Your data is secure with end-to-end encryption and durable, with guaranteed ACID transactions.

  • Codeless graph data visualization: Neo4j Aura includes Neo4j Bloom, an easy-to-use graph exploration tool, to derive patterns and insights for graph novices and experts alike.

  • Transparent pricing: Starting at just $0.09 per hour, Neo4j Aura offers a cost-effective and powerful graph platform to help developers get started.

[Caption: Neo4j Aura for Google Cloud Platform enables developers to get up and running with the leading graph database in minutes right from the Google Cloud Console for a seamless, native experience.]

Fawad Zakariya, Neo4j’s SVP of Business & Corporate Development, explained what GCP customers experience when using Neo4j Aura for Google Cloud Platform.

“Via a simple, self-serve model, customers across verticals depend on Aura to build applications including COVID-19 contact tracing, knowledge graphs, peer-to-peer payment systems and real-time recommendations,” said Zakariya. "Graph database technology constitutes an indispensable part of modern data and analytics infrastructure. As the latest step in Neo4j’s technology integration with Google Cloud, we’re pleased to make Neo4j Aura available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.” 

In May, Gartner published Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020*. The report states, “finding relationships in combinations of diverse data, using graph techniques at scale, will form the foundation of modern data and analytics. This applies to knowledge graphs, to data fabrics, natural language processing (NLP), explainable AI, analytics on all types of content (X analytics) and to providing richer context for ML and AI.”

*Gartner, “Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020”, Rita Sallam, et al, 11 May 2020.

Learn More About Neo4j Aura for GCP

Neo4j Aura Professional for Google Cloud Platform is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. More details about getting started are included in this blog post.  


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