Neo4j Is the Choice of Leading Companies for Graph Databases in the Cloud

Adobe, the ACH System of Colombia, Isagenix and Others Choose Neo4j in the Cloud for Frictionless Control over Their Complex Data Problems

SAN MATEO, Calif. – October 20th, 2020Neo4j®, the leader in graph technology, announced that the majority of its customers are now deploying their graph applications in the cloud, facilitated by flexible self-hosted and fully – managed options

Over the last twelve months, over 90% of Neo4j customers have opted to run their graph-powered applications in the cloud, many of whom are first-time graph technology users. The adoption of Neo4j across industries – coupled with a shift to the cloud – unlocks new possibilities to address complex data problems.

Neo4j’s graph technology runs everywhere for hosted and fully-managed cloud flexibility

Caption: Neo4j’s graph technology runs everywhere for hosted and fully-managed cloud flexibility.  

Neo4j’s cloud deployment options offer developers and IT teams the level of control and management they need to support their application architecture. Solutions as diverse as knowledge graphs, recommendation engines, customer 360 systems, fraud detection and many others leverage the Neo4j graph database without friction, freeing up users to focus on innovation and delivering core business value.

Neo4j has made the world’s most popular graph database available for any cloud environment, with options to support organizations wherever they are in their cloud journey. Neo4j provides self-hosted as well as fully managed deployment options to support hybrid, "lift-and-shift" migration or cloud-native environment needs:

Neo4j Aura, Graph Database-as-a-Service: Fully managed and completely automated, Aura enables developers to rapidly deploy, build and expand graph-powered applications in the cloud, without the burden of managing infrastructure. 

More than 450 organizations have used Neo4j Aura since its introduction last year, and more than half of those organizations are first-time graph database users. Neo4j Aura has powered more than 1,700 applications and runs more than 2.5 billion graph queries per month with an average execution time of 61 milliseconds.

  • Minka uses Neo4j Aura to store transaction records and references for Transfiya, a modern blockchain-based transaction processing system enabling real-time payments for Colombia’s ACH payments.

  • Menome leverages Neo4j Aura to deliver a scalable cloud-based data insights platform for environmental engineering, unifying diverse datasets helping organizations make important, data-driven decisions.

  • Tourism Media uses Neo4j Aura for a fully automated and multilingual content curation service via an intelligent cognitive assistant. Their application serves dynamic web content for online travel businesses by using diverse and complex datasets across global geographies and inventory databases. The flexibility and contextual power of the graph model allow Tourism Media to scale easily with their growing business needs while reducing their build times from days to hours.

Self-hosted in the Public Cloud: Hundreds of clients utilize Neo4j in public cloud environments, including in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This option provides a high level of flexibility for organizations with complex customized deployment requirements. 

For example, Adobe Behance deployed Neo4j on AWS to replace legacy technology, allowing them to significantly shrink their hosting costs. Human maintenance hours are down, updates that used to take 12-30 minutes now run in 100 milliseconds. Additionally, Neo4j has cut users’ average time from sign-up to initial activity from 1.4 seconds to 400 milliseconds. 

“Switching to Neo4j was a huge win for us," said David Fox, software engineer at Adobe. "We’ve seen significant performance improvements, and a great reduction in complexity, storage and infrastructure costs. Staff now focus on improving the infrastructure, versus spending time frustratingly micro-managing it.”

Neo4j Cloud Managed Services: This white-glove service is customized for enterprises that wish to run Neo4j in their cloud infrastructure but need experts to manage it for them, freeing them to stay focused on their core business operations.

Isagenix leverages Neo4j Cloud Managed Services on Amazon Web Services to provide actionable information and real-time analytics to independent distributors, allowing them to focus on business development activities and improving the overall customer experience.

Ramanan Balakrishnan, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Neo4j, sees significant growth in graph adoption on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform necessitated by data gravity and the desire to reduce operational overhead.

“Across use cases and industries, Neo4j is uniquely engineered to provide friction-free graph application deployment and seamless operation in the cloud,” said Balakrishnan. “Cloud migration can be a long journey and presents unique challenges for every enterprise. This is why we meet our customers wherever they are, and provide a frictionless path to execute their Neo4j deployment journey.”

In May, Gartner published Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020*. The report states, “By 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of data and analytics innovation.” It goes on to say, “Business agility enabled by the cloud is more critical now than ever before as organizations need to accelerate data-driven change and innovation in response to economic downturn and crisis.”

*Gartner, “Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020”, Rita Sallam, et al, 11 May 2020.

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Additional information about Neo4j deployment options can be found by visiting the Neo4j Cloud Deployment resource center:

Neo4j is available on the AWS, GCP and Azure marketplaces.


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