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Neo4j Graph Data Science

Neo4j Graph Data Science is a connected data analytics and machine learning platform that helps you understand the connections in big data to answer critical questions and improve predictions.


Unlock Insights Trapped in Rows and Columns

Access 65+ pretuned graph algorithms and machine learning (ML) modeling to analyze your connected data. Conveniently available in a single workspace, the analytics surface and graph database are fully integrated.

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Neo4j Graph Data Science is the only connected data analysis platform that unifies the ML surface and graph database into a single workspace.
This way, data scientists run algorithms and ML models without jumping between tools for ETL.

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Easy to Use

  • Load data into a graph from any source

  • Integrate with your data pipeline tools

  • Fund your investment with committed spend on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure marketplaces

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Use In-Graph ML

  • Native Python API client

  • Access to over 65 pretuned graph algorithms

  • A single API for data load, analysis, and write-back

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Enterprise Scale

  • Scale to hundreds of billions of nodes and relationships

  • Includes a single, unified model training and deployment environment

  • Offers automated MLOps

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Why Neo4j Graph Data Science?

In a graph, your data shows you what’s important,
what’s unusual, and what’s coming next.

Answer business critical questions and make predictions

Rather than looking at row or column headers, graphs focus on data relationships. Graphs are a more natural, connected way to look at and analyze data for deeper context and unearthing hidden patterns and insights.

Accelerate your path from proof of concept to production

Access a single interface that includes both your ML surface and graph database. Easily integrate with your favorite data science tools and scale your analysis across hundreds of billions of nodes and relationships.

Understand relationships and improve your models

A native Python client, library of 65+ pre-tuned graph algorithms, connected data prep techniques, data connectors, and graph-native ML give data scientists everything they need without having to switch between interfaces.

Extract deeper insights from your connected data with graph embeddings.


Simplify Your Data Science Workflow

Get what you need to go from proof of concept to production quickly, with a wide selection of deployment options, user tools, and data connectors that make it easy to add graph data science to your existing data pipeline.

Fully Hosted Graph Data Science

Simplify deployment and management of graph data science with a fully managed, pay-as-you-go option, AuraDS.

Query and Test

Write queries and explore the contents of your Neo4j graph database using an intuitive development environment.

Graph Data

Explore, investigate, and present Neo4j graph data with our no-code graph data visualization solution, Bloom.

Data Orchestration

Use a single API for data load, analysis, and write-back. A Python client and Neo4j connectors are available.


Discover How Data
Scientists Use Neo4j

Graph data science helps organizations answer some of their most difficult and complex questions by moving the data out of the silos of rows and columns and into an easy to analyze graph.

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Detect and Identify Fraudsters

Analyze relationships and behaviors to detect fraud across banking, insurance, and government programs.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Create stronger recommendation engines to help increase conversion rates, reduce churn, and increase average cart size.

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Improve Route Optimization

Manage supply chain inefficiencies by calculating what-if scenarios and predict future issues with pathfinding algorithms.

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Resolve Entities and Identities

Unify entities for marketing, payments, usage, and more to provide the best customer view possible.

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  • “The most surprising result was really seeing how connected the data was. I used to think that we knew this data really well when we looked at it individually from each different data stream, but when you combine them all together and you actually look at the datasets as a whole, it makes you realize that it’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube by only looking at one side.”

    Benjamin Squire, Senior Data Scientist, Meredith

  • “We wanted a partner that would provide the type of scale we needed on graph – again, millions of nodes and edges – but also provide us with the spatial data support. And the third component is that since we are innovating, we wanted to work with somebody who would join our innovation process. We had to, together, add and configure Neo4j so that it would actually deliver what we needed.”

    Ali Riaz, CEO, OrbitMI

  • "Neo4j Graph Data Science is a great tool because we can tweak our models over time to improve them. We have everything we need all in one place with Graph Data Science - it makes it easy for us to focus on building our business because the software works easily with our existing toolset and data science approaches."

    Daniel Brady, CEO, Orita

  • “We realized that data discovery alone was taking up about one-third of our analysts’ time. This tool has increased productivity for the entire data science organization by about 30 percent.”

    Tamika Tannis, Software Engineer, Lyft

  • "Neo4j Graph Data Science makes it easy to quantify the relationships and similarities that exist in the digital world and to surface new insights about these connected relationships."

    Matthew Bernardini, CEO, Zenapse

  • "Neo4j Graph Data Science allows us to turn very complex data challenges, like finding fraud or modeling physically interconnected systems, into intuitive ones."

    Peter Tunkis, Senior Data Scientist, Arcurve

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