Unparalleled Flexibility for Connected Data

Manage relationship properties when you want to model them.

Manage relationship properties when you want to model them.

Neo4j allows you the ability to change the ontology of your graph – whether through schema or adding layers of multiple graphs inside a single Neo4j cluster – on the fly, in real time.

With a flexible graph database model, your data team is equipped to handle the evolving needs of any environment or operating requirement.

Whiteboard-Friendly Model (Schema)

The graph data model is often referred to as being “whiteboard-friendly.” Typically, when designing a data model, people draw example data on a whiteboard and connect it to other data to illustrate how different items connect. The whiteboard model is then reformatted and structured to fit normalized tables for a relational model.

A similar process exists in graph data modeling as well. However, instead of modifying the data model to fit a normalized table structure, the graph data model stays precisely as it was drawn on the whiteboard.

Operational Agility

Neo4j offers full multi-database capabilities with separation of data, allowing multiple databases to be run inside a single Neo4j cluster. This provides significant operational efficiency and agility for B2B SaaS multi-tenancy, development and regulatory compliance.

A single Neo4j instance may include multiple databases with entirely different schemas. For example, multiple databases supporting the needs of different departments may reside in one cluster. A graph database used for real-time recommendations may coexist with graph databases for HR, marketing and finance – all of which have different schemas and security requirements.

Evolving Your Graph with Your Adapting Business

A graph model flexes as applications and industries change.

Rather than extensive and intensive modeling a domain ahead of time, your data team can simply add to the existing graph structure with no threat of endangering current functionality. As applications and industries change, graph technology allows you to move at the speed of business.

Also, Neo4j Bloom allows power users to make changes to the graph from within this visualization and exploration tool.

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