Neo4j 4.0

The Next-Generation Graph Database Built for Unlimited Scale and Development Agility

Webinar: Graph thought leaders Emil Eifrem, Jim Webber and Ivan Zoratti on what's possible with 4.0

Neo4j 4.0: The Graph Database for a New Decade

Neo4j 4.0 graph database system is the most significant release in the graph technology market to date. Built on Neo4j's proven native graph foundation, 4.0 delivers these key capabilities:

  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Granular Security
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Reactive Architecture

Unlimited Scalability

Neo4j 4.0 provides sharding. Organizations with the most extreme scaling needs now benefit from Neo4j’s minutes-to-milliseconds performance advantage over relational and NoSQL databases, untethered by data volume restrictions.

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Granular Security

With Neo4j 4.0, developers and administrators now have more control over access to data for security and privacy purposes. These granular security controls ensure that only the appropriate users have access to sensitive data, opening up potential new graph use cases in areas such as patient information in medical research.

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Operational Flexibility

Neo4j 4.0 adds multi-database capabilities with separation of data, allowing multiple databases to be run inside a single Neo4j cluster. This provides significant operational efficiency, security and agility for B2B SaaS multi-tenancy, development convenience and regulatory compliance.

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Reactive Architecture

Reactive systems are defined as being responsive, resilient, elastic and message-driven to deliver maximum scalability and performance. Neo4j 4.0 empowers developers by providing them with full control over how their applications interact with the database, including robust data pipelines, streaming data, machine learning and more.

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Introducing Neo4j 4.0: The Next-Gen Graph Database Built by Developers, for Developers
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The Future of Graph Databases is Here: Introducing Neo4j 4.0
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Neo4j Chief Scientist Jim Webber walks developers through the 4.0 GA release
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