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The Fastest way to BUILD your Neo4j Database

Neo4j Workspace

Powerful graph tools in one place so you can create, design, and query your database faster for unbounded productivity.

Streamlined Access To Essential Graph Tools

With no coding experience required, Workspace makes it easy to get started so you can design a data model, preview the model, import the data, and explore and query the database – all from one location.

Cloud First

Import, explore, and query Neo4j in the cloud.

Sketch to Preview

Design your data model with a click-and-drag visual designer.

No-code Data Loading

Map your data and preview results instantly with no coding required.

Cypher Query Simplified

Generate results as a graph or in tabular form and learn how to write Cypher queries.

Explore Your Data Your Way

Create custom actions and queries that make it easy to tailor the experience particular to your domain.

Create Custom Perspectives

Develop different perspectives to look at your data in a way that makes sense.

Get instant access to Workspace and build databases faster

Video Resources

Learn how easy it is to transform your tabular data into graph data in Workspace.

Getting Started with Workspace on Neo4j Aura

Import your data EASILY into Neo4j with Workspace

Explore and Query Data From Neo4j Workspace

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