The most current release of Neo4j is 4.4.10

Bloom 2.3.1

5 July 2022
This is a patch release with fixes for the following issues:
  • Fixed a bug where the orientation setting in the GDS panel had no effect
  • Fixed an...

Bloom 2.3.0

20 June 2022
This is a minor release of Neo4j Bloom with the following new features:
  • A Graph Data Science panel that makes it possible to run GDSL algorithms ...

Bloom 2.2.0

20 April 2022
This is a new minor release of Neo4j Bloom, adding two new features:
  • Scene actions is a way to define custom Cypher queries that can be run from ...

Bloom 2.1.1

1 March 2022
This is a patch release fixing the following bugs:
  • Size of nodes when styling the node size with a styling rule was reversed
  • Fix styling of er...

Bloom 2.1.0

22 February 2022
New features:
  • Added full compatibility with Neo4j date and time types
  • Improved ability to filter and apply rule-based styling to date/time type...

Bloom 2.0.0

13 December 2021
The is a new major release of Bloom, introducing the concept of saving and sharing scenes between users! Bloom users can now publish the results of th...

Bloom 1.9.1

24 November 2021
This is a patch release introducing:
  • support for the built-in SSO features in Neo4j 4.4
  • a stability improvement in the database connection

Bloom 1.9.0

14 October 2021
This is a minor release of Bloom with these new features:
  • Node tooltips for faster at-a-glance information by hovering a node
  • Card list usabil...

Bloom 1.8.2

6 October 2021
This is a patch release with two fixes to improve Bloom's Single Sign On functionality:
  • Improved handling of SSO in certain cases when running in ...

Bloom 1.8.1

18 August 2021
This is a patch release containing two bug fixes:
  • Disable random sampling when detecting properties for quick perspective generation method. This...

Bloom 1.8.0

18 August 2021
In the 1.8.0 version of Bloom, the following new features have been added:
  • Support for SSO using OIDC/OAuth - please note the list of supported pr...

Bloom 1.7.0

22 June 2021
This release contains the following new features in Bloom:
  • Auto perspective: Upon first connection to a database, Bloom will auto-generate a pers...

Bloom 1.6.1

28 April 2020
Update to the correct app icon for Neo4j Desktop

Bloom 1.6.0

28 April 2020

New features

  • Filtering data: Filter out categories or relationship types or apply filters based on property values. Makes it easy for the user to...

Bloom 1.5.1

1 March 2021
This release contains improvements to the following:
  • New Help & Learn sidebar drawer that hosts product notifications, and links to documentation...

Bloom 1.5.0

5 January 2021

New features

  • A mini map makes it easier to find where you are in the scene when exploring a large graph result.
  • Choice of sampling data when g...

Bloom 1.4.0

30 September 2020

New features

  • Proactive search suggestions: Help you create your search pattern by proactively suggesting linked elements from your graph schema
  • ...

Bloom 1.4.1

30 September 2020
This is a patch release with the following improvements and bug fixes:
  • Run hierarchical layout in a web worker so calculating the layout doesn't f...

Bloom 1.1.2

13 September 2019


  • Optimized performance of autocomplete suggestions for search
  • New user configurable node count limit for search results

Better a...

Bloom 1.3.3

27 July 2020
This release contains the following bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with sharing perspectives when using Neo4j 4.x and LDAP authentication
  • Fixed a few ...

Bloom 1.3.2

8 June 2020
This release contains the following improvements and bug fixes:
  • Added a query timeout setting
  • Added an experimental feature for exporting all ...

Bloom 1.3.1

11 May 2020
This release contains the following improvements and bug fixes:
  • Generate zip file on csv export - exporting the nodes and relationships as two fi...

Bloom 1.3.0

22 April 2020

New features

  • This release introduces support for Neo4j 4.0 (4.0.2 and later).
  • Support for switching between multiple databases in Neo4j 4.0.
  • ...

Bloom 1.2.1

13 March 2020
  • Updates to ensure compatibility with upcoming Neo4j Desktop updates

Bloom 1.2.0

23 January 2020

New features:

  • New expandable legend with ability to configure style of nodes AND relationships directly from the canvas
  • Advanced styling: a) c...