Maximize Online Business with Real-time Recommendations

Powering Recommendations with a Graph DatabaseRecommendations are about connecting what you have to what users want. The key technology in enabling real-time recommendations is the graph database, a technology that is fast leaving traditional relational databases behind. Graphs can help you make connections with your users, increasing accuracy and engagement. Whether it’s using declared social connections to make recommendations, or connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated facts to infer interests, graphs offer a world of fresh possibility when it comes to making better recommendations.

Download and read Powering Recommendations with a Graph Database and learn how companies like eBay, Walmart, and Glassdoor are using graph databases to power their recommendation engines.

Neo4j helps us to understand our online shoppers’ behavior and the relationship between our customers and products, providing a perfect tool for real-time product recommendations. – Marcos Wada, Software Developer, Walmart

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