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The Neo4j Sandbox enables you to get started with Neo4j, with built-in guides and sample datasets for popular use cases. No Neo4j experience necessary. Great for RDBMS experts.

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Network & IT Management

Dependency analysis and root cause analysis with graphs will save time, money, and reduce headaches!


Generate personalized real-time recommendations using a dataset of movie reviews.

ICIJ’s Panama Papers

ICIJ built this database and guide of Politicians, Criminals and the Rogue Industry That Hides Their Cash.


Sign in using Twitter, and this Sandbox will allow you to Graph your Twitter network, including people and tweets!


Using this dataset provided by Buzzfeed, investigate the connections in and around the Trump administration.


US Congress modeled as a Graph – bills, votes, members, and more.

Blank Sandbox

Get started with Neo4j with a Blank Slate – create your own graph from scratch.

* More usecases coming soon

Great usecases for Neo4j

Fraud Detection

Detect graph patterns indicating potential fraudulent activity.

Network/IT Operations

Perform dependency analysis and root cause analysis to increase uptime.

Internet of Connected Things

Use the relationship between connected devices and their environment to make decisions on how to treat data.

Master Data Management

Understand the relationship between companies, suppliers, employees, products and more.

Identity and Access Management

Use graphs to Audit your corporate ACLs, or make real-time authentication+authorization decisions.

What Is a Sandbox?