Graphs in Life Sciences: The Cure for Connecting Complex Data

If you work in systems biology, you’re tasked with understanding the connections between genes, proteins, cells and tissues. If you work in chemistry, each individual molecule renders its own graph. Even healthcare organizations must map patient journeys to better understand disease progression or prevent poor outcomes. In each of these cases, you’re solving problems naturally represented by interconnected data.

That’s why life sciences users – pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturers, agriculture companies, biotech startups and healthcare providers – are leveraging Neo4j to analyze their connected data in ways not possible without graphs. Neo4j, a native graph database specifically designed to store and process your connected data, helps solve complicated life sciences problems at every scale.

Life science companies – dealing with everything from patients to molecules – understand the value of graphs for R&D, privacy and regulatory compliance, medical equipment manufacturing and affiliation management between healthcare providers (HCPs), patients and organizations. Neo4j has enabled companies like Novartis and ChemAxon to extract novel insights about relationships between biological and chemical data to accelerate drug discovery. We’ve also empowered companies like Monsanto to track genetic relationships in corn to breed better crops and feed the world’s growing population.

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